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Sun 20021006

These pages are about me and my interests! This site's design has been inspired by banana design by antipop. I really liked his choice of colors but wanted to make a site that looks good without tables. In my site the table which represents the picture is replaced by a simple IMG tag with border 1: so I was successfull making a simple site 100% table free.

Mon 20021007

This page is coded in XHTML 1.0 and complains with CSS. The date is in Unix format just to add a little geekness! ;-)
Oliver is the name of my dog: a really cute Jack Russell Terrier... it is the same kind of dog that was on the movie The Mask with Jim Carrey.

Tue 20021008

My favorite author is John Fante... you may find more info's about him on I also love poems by Emily Dickinson. BTW Charles Bukowski said "Love is a dog from hell!"... you may agree... you may not... he sure won't care... at least not anymore! ;-)

* www stands for "wild wild web"... please laugh! ;-)
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