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Linux is a Unix based operating system. It is what I use. Blah blah blah. I use linux. It is what I use. Blah blah blah. I'm taking up space here. Taking up space is what I like to do. I like to take up space in a website because it is fun. This is whereyou would put your own crap. This is what I like to call taking up space. I think this is enough.

This is not my design. All credit goes out to Artwiz. He made it, I just hacked up the colours a bit. You can hack up the colors too. Everyone support OSWD. It rules. Props to bkenoah also.

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Name:    Charlie Cooksey
Age:    20
Website:    http://selfhatex.dhs.org

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My website - boring lil me.
freshmeat.net - all things linux software.

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