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[ [04.24.2001] Josh
Finally, I think that I am ready to be done with this piece. I spent all afternoon working on it here at work, I'm just going to check out the last few things and head for home. :)

[ [04.22.2001] Josh
This is a new article, aka and article of news, as in an informative item in which current events are written about.

[ [04.22.2001] Josh
I started this design around 2:30 this afternoon. I just drew it up and made notes in my sketchbook. Hopefully I will remember to code it at work tomorrow. I was aiming for sort of a flashy looking design, but naturally, I left the general layout very clean and organized as I always do. And about the sketchbook, although many people don't know it even exists, I do have one, and you will probably never see it seeing as how it live in my bedroom and only leave my room in my backpack, and is only removed at my computer at work. Tough Luck, Nobody will ever know what I put in this thing. ;p

"Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top." -Dag Hammerskjold
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