Thanks for viewing and/or downloading BlueTranquility, my first web design template I submitted to Open Source Web Design in September 2004 and revised in November 2004. I wanted to create a contemporary yet professional-looking website and this web design template is the result. I created it entirely from scratch for my own personal website and it turned out pretty well in my opinion that I decided to share this template with the public.

Under the Hood

BlueTranquility makes full use of XHTML and CSS to ensure cleaner code and faster loading times than websites based on traditional HTML alone (i.e. no tables are used for the website layout and no images are used for the menu buttons). In essence, this template is both easy to maintain and very flexible.


BlueTranquility is also fully validated by W3C for both XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1 conformance, the real-time validation links of which are listed on the left, meaning that it will look as identical as possible on all the major browsers (the supported browsers of which are also listed on the left).

Template Features

In addition to the specs already mentioned, BlueTranquility features an eye-appealing theme, high visibility on both CRT and LCD monitors, cross-browser compatibility, roll-over buttons with a purpose (the page you click on from the navigation menu stays highlighted so you always know what page you're on), mouseover acronyms and an optional ad banner area that won't overlap the page title/subtitle.