w w w . l 3 3 7 - h 4 x 0 r z . o r g
h4x0r |33nx 01*14*01
@|n7 nUn Uv j00 |337 h4x0rz b377er d@n di$! j00 c@n7 tUch m3! ph33r d|$!

yes...this looks like I was on an acid trip, but I wasn't. really I was just experimenting with colors and what not. oh, and its sunday, what is one supposed to do in utah on a sunday afternoon? if you have never been here before you would know that they isn't a thing going on in utah on sunday except for church and stuff... :)
m00zik w0rdz
blackened is the end
winter it will send
throwing all you see
into obscurity
death of mother earth
never a rebirth
evolutions ends
never will it mend

di$ h33r |$ 0uR pR0p3rty $0 d0n'T $t33| |7 fR0m u$!!
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