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The Realm Of Cha0s...
01 July 2001 - Josh - 12:31:00
As times change, so do the realms of dreams and reality. The day draws near where the realm of cha0s will warp from the bounds of dreams to the uncontrolled world of reality. The first steps which were completed months ago, are now being recalled to begin phase 2 of the project.

Phase 2; Step 1
Hardware - Hardware is now being collected to continue on to Step 2. Currently the only hardware that has been collected is the motherboard. Specs are currently unknown, but a few leaks of confidential information reveal the the board is capable of speeds up to 1.3GHz with an AMD Thunderbird/Duron CPU. Max RAM is rumored to be in the area of 1.5GB, and best of all, the board has an onboard ATA100 RAID Controller.
We are also currently looking into cpu's. The two speeds on the table are 900MHz and 1.1GHz. While a brand new 900MHz CPU can be purchased through a wholesaler locally at roughly $120 USD, investigations indicate that 1.1GHz processors are available for auction on the world famous for about the same price. Check back for information as updates can come at any time.

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