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Download Template: "Olive Delight"
If you're ready you may download this template. However, it's highly suggested you read the notes before trying to use this template!

We first have different title formats for your content, here we use span classes since they're inline, and div tags are outline. You simply need to cut, copy and paste the tags then edit the text between the tags, see examples below.

"Image Bar", as seen above is simple to use, all you need to do is add a div tag like so:
  <div id="bar">Your Title</div>

Title Class #1, ".title": Properties: Italic, Bold with 14pt fontsize - #E4E6DB.
    <span class="title">Title Class #1, ".title"</span>

Title Class #2, ".title2": Properties: Bold with 14pt fontsize. - #D5D9BF
    <span class="title2">Title Class #2, ".title2"</span>

Optionally, if you're comfortable you may alter, or add your own classes in the css files. You'll find the above classes on lines #24 through #30. Typically, you'll see the below format. You may change the values and colors.
   .title2 {
   font-size:14px;color:#676550; font-weight: bold;text-decoration:none}

Links: Do not forget to add the URL values in all your links, header and footer!

Clean Logo

You also have a clean logo that you may freely use:

Template made by "codepoet",
-- Derrick Koenig
Template Information
image This template has many features, and comes ready to use. Customization is easily preformed with little to no knowledge of css.

image You also have two styles of backgrounds. One with the dropshadow on the left and right side, and a background with out the drop shadows.

image Blank logo file is included for custom logo design, however a clean logo is also available.

Template Information
image This template runs on 9 images with a total file size of 7.71kb.

image This template is a valid HTML 4.0 document. Aditionally, this document is 97% valid XHTML. Small CSS changes would be required however.