Oh, the urbanity!

12/05/2005 2:44PM
Posted by Chuck Norris

This is "City Slicker", a fixed two-column layout. I took a few design cues from some of my favorite OSWD designs, like Bladed (I forget the author of that one, sorry) and of course the designs by the legendary Andreas Viklund. I also threw in a little bit of (hopefully non-intrusive) color, which makes it a little less professional but a little more interesting to look at. The markup is 100% valid XHTML strict, and the CSS is mostly valid. I had to do a few little hacks to make the PNG opacity work in Internet Explorer (See that drop shadow? It's magic!).

In any case, the markup and CSS should both be easy to read and edit. For example, I am a fan of text-align: justify; in my paragraphs, but you might not like it. Fortunately, it's easy to change!

I mostly made this template to be a Wordpress theme, but of course you're free to use it for whatever you like. Of course, I would appreciate a note - knowing my design is being used gives me the warm fuzzies - but it is open source, so you don't have to do jack squat!

Questions and comments can go to jeremyrsmith©gmail.com (note: that's a copyright sign instead of an "at" sign for de-spamination purposes).

It's all Greek to me!

12/05/2005 2:44PM
Posted by James Woods

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Pullquotes are so awesome.
-Christopher Walken

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I prefer pullquotes on the left side. Eh, wot?
-Patrick Stewart

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