About Kopellian

This layout was inspired by my high school European History teacher. He moved to Scotland to major in theology. I hit upon the idea that I could make an XHTML template as a tribute to him as well as submit the layout to OSWD. Plus, I did not feel like studying for finals. Oh well.

What You Need To Know About the Layout

The layout is valid XHTML Transitional and valid CSS (for the most part...). Comments have been added that will (hopefully) facilitate editing of this template. The page has been tested thoroughly in Firefox 1.0.7, Internet Explorer 6.0, and Opera 8.51. And, not surprisingly, IE renders the page the worst.

The menu at the right really does not extend the length of the page. Using a little bit of trickery, it appears to fully extend. This was possible because the <div> that holds the menu and the content has the background color set to the color of the menu. The block with actual content, after making the background color white and setting overflow: auto;, (with some minor adjustments elsewhere) thus makes it seem like the two blocks are table cells, even though they are not.

Blame the General

This page was created by Generalissmo (or me, whichever you prefer). Use this as much as you want - the template is for everyone's use. Please email me if you intend to edit this and resubmit it as a design on OSWD.

Be Careful With the Image Khruschev and Castro. Probably in the '60's
Never trust a bearded man with a bald man. Never.

This is a bit tricky to deal with. Currently, the image is set to float:left; and that makes it a bit of an issue. You need enough text so that the text pushes the contentHeader further down, giving the image enough room to float without any visual mishaps. Also, it is necessary to change the width of the containing block to that of the image. I tried to code it so the width would wrap to the image (and not the text), but it was not working. The code has been thoroughly commented, so locating the width attribute that needs to change will not be hard.

Yes, Another Quote From Nietzsche As long as one lives through an experience, one must surrender to the experience and shut one's eyes instead of becoming an observer immediately. For that would ruin the good digestion of the experience: instead of wisdom one would acquire indigestion.
- Nietzsche, The Wanderer and His Shadow
Notice About the Logo Background

The photo that is used for the logo's background was taken by Ricardo Stuckert/ABr.

Testing Other Common <HTML> Elements

The following is a block of code.

  1. This Is
  2. An Ordered
  3. List. This
  4. Text Is
  5. Very Annoying.
  • This Is
  • An Unordered
  • List. This
  • Text Is
  • Very Annoying.
Heading 6
Heading 5

Heading 4

Heading 3

Heading 2

Heading 1

this is also a generic placeholder
not really, there is no latin on the page
this layout by Generalissmo
this is also a generic footer