1/14 | Idea conceived
1/17 | Semester starts
1/19 | Design completed

What's this nonsense about?

I recently came acoss the Adam Particka's autonomus template on I really liked the way it looked, but the code was a mess of nested tables. Since I was new to the world of web design, I decdided that it would be a good exercise to recreate the page from scratch with the same look (or as close as possible) using XHTML and CSS. I haven't found a way to recreate the shadows he had on these paragraph boxes, but otherwise, the designs look pretty similar.

The usual deal...

Feel free to use this template for anything you wish, I ask only that you include an attribution somewhere in the page to me for the code and to Adam Particka for the original design. Oh, and contact me and let me know - I'd love to see what you do with it. somehollis <at>  inserted_for_spam_harvesters gmail <dot> com

About the site...

The site is valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS. It uses no tables for the layout. To make these text boxes with the shaded title, use use an <h3> heading and a <p> for the text.

About the author...

I'm a grad student working on my doctorate in audiology. I seem to have a penchant for picking up new hobbies when I don't have enough free time to spend on my others. I started learning HTML less than a month ago, but I think I've picked it up pretty fast. I found the web standards movement almost immeditately while seaching for information on how all this stuff works, and being an engineer at heart, I immediately saw the merit and joined their cause.
This is the second website I've designed - the first being based on a template that I found here.