This is my first design submission to Open Source Web Design. I welcome your comments and suggestions! Just so you know, this design has been created using CSS and XHTML using no tables. This design has been largely inspired by Christina Chun's "Black and White" template, with primary differences between this design and Christina's being that I've reworked the menu navigation, created a custom background design, and generally made a more colorful template.

get a better browser get a better browser This site was originally intented to be used as the website template for Youth Empowerment America. That might still end up being the case. However, I'll more than likely create several more drafts for templates and decide which one looks the best at that point. I will post all of these templates here as they are created so that you can use them for your purposes.

I welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Please feel free to contact me @ plutado [at] yeamerica [dot] org if you would like to ask a question, or if you just have a good joke you'd like to share. As for this template, please feel free to use and distort if as you wish. It is not necessary to to notify me or to maintain links back to me. If you find that you love my design(s) and you're feeling particularly generous, then I encourage you to make a donation to the nonprofit organization that I run. You can donate to us by going to Take care. I wish you the best of luck designing you next website!