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Plutado's Notepad

This is my third opensource web design submission. Your comments, suggestions, questions, and ideas are encouraged and welcomed.

About Us

This template was designed by David Plutado Fugate, the executive director of a nonprofit organization called Youth Empowerment America (YEA), a nonprofit organization that develops, teaches, and supports organizations principles and strategies of grassroots and netroots organizing. While YEA is not a web design company, we do however implement and host many of the top opensource software applications such as drupal/civicspace, vtiger, e107, phplist, squirrelmail, wordpress, and dozens of others. In the course of our work we often create custom design templates. Since discovering, and in the spirit of opensource technology (of which I am so heavily involved), we have decided to provide all of our designs for others to use freely.

YEA's Values

1. We organize for broad diversity and all inclusiveness, bringing as many relevant perspectives into the thinking as possible.

2. We organize on the basis of vision, caring and responsibility and not on the basis of anger or fear.

3. We organize to recruit ever more allies and not to identify enemies or attack or embarrass any so called opposition.

4. We organize to propose solutions and not to protest wrongs.

5. We organize for the common good and not for self interest.

6. We organize for completion and to win, not just be ethically or morally correct.

7. We organize with a shared commitment to struggle together for positive change. This struggle is threefold: personal, interpersonal and global.

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