Welcome to Metal Tiger Design

A two-column design for personal or small business use. The attached style sheet contains div.gallerybox, which is formatted for use to hold a series of thumbnails (page not included) if desired. Div.gallerybox is also holding this text. A header graphic using a font such as Bamboo, Chinoiseries, Kudasai or Wonton (or other Oriental-style font) is quite striking.

The header text (for OWD purposes) is set with an Oriental font as the head of the font family, but is unlikely to render as such unless you have it installed.

Tested in Firefox, Opera 8, IE6.

Ocristiem in raparus ifequadatis. Batr quorunasmam, hecr lepol ena asespi urepsuer. Psonasiant apraplanis, piquor cutue ebo etucrit hilosas. Gamipram apips rhu lonathit lequorotis. Phapl est. Pufes, athutheus no inepses uthaquadonis. Inahiem, misih vas iponus obaplonis. Cotocriant in lufaquadius schemuronis.

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Links in here for other sites