This is where you can type pretty much any text you want to. If this is for your personal website (like it is for mine), you can maybe type a little welcome blurb to the person visiting your site. If this is for any other site, then you can put whatever it is that you want to put here.

As you can probably notice by now, each paragraph is ended off with a dashed line. This line is easily removed if it doesn't suit your needs. Simply find the CSS style that changes the <p> tag, and remove the lines that have anything to do with the border.

If you decide you would like to use this template for your website, please keep a link in the bottom (or footer) of the page.
This is entirely up to you though, and iIf you feel you don't want to do this, I really don't mind; but the decent thing to do would at least send me an email with a link to the site that makes use of the template.