Design details

Hello everyone, this is my second submission, and I hope that I have improved at this art of using XHTML and CSS. This design is an overhaul of my previous submission, which was passionShades. But the modifications are quite serious, and a lot of it reflects in the CSS file which governs the appearance of this page.

Absolutely no credits are necessary if you are using or modifying this design, whether for personal or commercial use. But if you do provide some credits, it would be fantastic. And if you could let me know where and how you are using this design, I could brag about it a bit, that my design is being used!

Is your attention here
If you are reading this, then it's obvious that you attention is here. If we take the contradiction at hand, if you are not reading this, there your attention is not here. And now the vice-versa of the contradiction - If your attention is not here, then you are not reading this. I think the last statement, will be considered very weak and vague in an Artificial Intelligence class, and the neural networks will have a tough time learning from such statements. Not ours though, because our's are degined by the best programmer - nature.

The picture is a royalty-free image from, and you can change it as you like. The size of the image should be 484px by 219 px. (Width | Height)

As usual, I'll only suggest that you take this design one step further by changing it using all your creativity. I'm always open to your praises, suggestions and yells at, anytime.