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Open Source Web Design Template

When developing the blog for our new web 2.0 startup, I got a template from the open source web design site. I found a picture on flickr, which I thought really helped to communicate the idea. It was very easy to turn the oswd template into a blogger template, and I was very quickly able to use the results to demonstrate to the rest of the team the basics of blogger. When it came time to deliver the Queen Street News, a syndication community based on a cool street in Toronto, each of the oswd templates that I tried, gave me some difficulties. Embracing this new constraint, I made a highly derivative template of my own. I am posting it back on the oswd, as a way of thanking my inspiration. more


The site is intended to be a very readable online newspaper. There are no distractions from the news, but still a pleasing layout. I preserved the balance and use of fonts of my inspirations. It loads really, quickly, which hopefully also adds to a professional feel. The intent of our business is community marketing through storytelling, much like amazon selling books with reviews. We want English majors, to do the writing. The technical and design elements are to not distract from the excellent writing. The site is valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS, and I have maintained a standards based approach to the more technical aspects of the rest of the project as well. more

About the author

My dad and I have raised 2 families basically from the avails of computing. We both find ourselves energized by students, and would like to provide an opportunity for learners to try their careers on for size while studying. Computers, are/were our livelihood, and we hope to profit financially from this application of our livelihood as well as help my son's to make some money. more