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What is the difference between genius and stupidity? Genius has limits. - Albert Einstein.
A new edition, and a new perspective. 10/21/01
my wife and I had a baby girl on aug 9, 2001. we named her maren nicole. maren is lating for 'the sea'. i think having a little girl is pretty cool, she teaches me so much about myself, truly amazing!

i love the web, im always amazed at how many incredibly talented people are out there creating and coding up a storm, always pushing the limits. im a strong believer in the open source mentality, i believe by helping one another we grow faster and can push and pull the limits alot higher and further then if we each did went at it alone.

i think you should do everything in life with as much zeal and passion as possible. sink everything you have into your relationships and you will find that there is so many great people out there who are willing to help.

why open source? 10/21/01
"An entirely sufficient case for open-source development rests on its engineering and economic outcomes -- better quality, higher reliability, lower costs, and increased choice." for more on the open source battle read The Magic Cauldron by Eric S. Raymond.

usage of this page. 10/21/01
please take what you find here and use it for whatever you want. I made this page in about an hour while my wife and daughter slept in the other room. if you do use this for anything, or have any comments about this or anything in general, please drop me a line at

enjoy :)
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